Congress approves $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

9 November, 2021

A historic investment is approaching $1.2 trillion, in addition to the $273 billion over five years in recurring federal program funding allocated to roads and bridges, the IIJA milestone, the largest infrastructure bill in decades, reserves an additional $550 billion in new spending, including $110 billion for roads, bridges, and large infrastructure projects.

A 38% increase in road and bridge funding, and an infusion of highly skilled and younger talent into our workforce,” American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear said in a statement immediately after the legislation’s passage.

One of the benefits that this new project will have will be:

• Provision of insured sub-21 truck driver

• The bill more than doubles funding for transportation safety and establishes new regulations and programs affecting trucking, including a provision that makes minors ages 18 to 21 eligible for interstate driving, a law the Biden administration has maintained is necessary to bolster driver ranks.

• Exemption for hours of service for cattle carriers.

• Automatic emergency braking performance requirements.

• Underride/side underride protection.

• Truck broker/truck dispatcher guide.

• A review of data from the electronic logging device.

• A truck leasing task force.

• A Women’s Truck Advisory Board.

• A Small Business Motor Carrier/Trucker Safety Advisory Committee.

• A study of truck accidents.

As for the routes on planes, trains and ports, the project will also include an investment of $17.4 million for waterway and coastal waterway infrastructure, improvements in inland waterways, port infrastructure and land ports of entry. An additional $66 billion goes to freight and passenger railroads, including dedicated funding for Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. Airports will receive $25 billion that will increase funding to improve runways, gates and taxiways, and multimodal connections.

The bill codifies a Trump-era executive order that set a two-year goal to complete the environmental review and permitting process for major projects. That faster timeline will allow states to better plan for both road maintenance and large infrastructure projects.

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